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Snapshot versus Photograph - A reason why you want to be a photographer.

Hi everyone ...

I'm going to be very quick today as I really feel we have had a lot to digest over the previous weeks.  Actually it becomes quite a minefield when you get into settings on your camera so before we go any further on these Photography Mondays let's take a look at something as  important ....... well important if you want to take your photography seriously.
Snapshot -v- Photograph You need to distinguish between snapshot and photograph.
What is a snapshot? A snapshot is pretty much taking a quick memorable picture, recording a memory.  Taking the picture which is in front of you.
A picture you'll use to help you remember.

ie:  This is a snapshot of one of our Summer BBQs which I always love to remember, because of the food and being able to sit outside to eat :) For me a wonderful memory.

What is a photograph? A photograph is something you have taken time over and got your creative juices working on (pardon the pun here but couldn't help it with all this f…

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