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Photography Monday, Photography Basics .....Have you Seen the Light?

Hello and welcome back to Photography Monday and back in the usual place this week.   Apologies for the confusion last week.  After 9 years it seemed Google didn't like my yahoo email address!??  A huge thank you to Nigel on Twitter who helped me regain my sanity!
Just joined our Photography Mondays?Who are these Mondays aimed at I here you ask? new to photography bought a new camera and the manual is baffling to say the leasthave a busy life and never had the time to work out what all the settings are on your camerayou just want to take better photostake everything on Auto or P for programme It's ok if you've missed the last couple of weeks.  You can find them in older posts, last week's here and keep scrolling and you'll find the others.  On to this week.   Have you seen the light?   How did you get on last week?  Hopefully you found yourself a model who cooperated like Ethel and are a little more in tune with light.
Learning to see and use light is so important in …

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