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Capturing Your Memories is More Important than Creating a Masterpiece

Last week we talked about taking family photos at Christmas.

Just a reminder for you:

Stick to what you know to ensure you get the photos that will be a reminder of your family ChristmasBe sure to have your camera ready with batteries charged, spare memory cards and plenty of space on your hard drives to store your images.Any lens is good enough.  It's not what you use it's what you see and what you take with it that counts.  I use a 28mm lens or my 18-55mm kit lens for my family pics it's light and easy to pick up and shoot.Remember to get down to the kids level for better photosAvoid flash if at all possible to ensure you capture the ambience
4 useful tips when photographing family portraits indoors
If you're wearing a Christmas jumper/outfit, wear a white or cream colour.  This will reflect back on to your subjects and help with the light.  It will also reflect up on to your face when you're in the picture :)If shooting indoors allow as much light as is possible, …

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