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Online Photography Basics in Simple Terms ... Photography Mondays Easy Learning

Hi everyone and welcome to a New Year and more photography basics in simple terms.

Whilst out and about with my Olympus (new to me camera!) I realised that actually all wasn't as simple as it could be and maybe as clear as mud :0(

Photography basics, pure and simple Photography is all about light .....   You need light to take a photo, the better the light is the better your images will be.
Consequently, the more we get used to the settings on our camera, the better we'll be at getting the image we want.

I am the world's worst for beating myself up when I get things wrong.  My advice is ..... when you mess up don't give yourself a hard time!  That's the beauty of digital being able to practice loads and being able to delete our mistakes!  As my grandson would say 'epic' :) Aperture priority and using ISO We are currently using Aperture Priority (you are aren't you?)
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