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Feeling confused with Manual Modes? Read on ....

Now I know last week I said I'd give you some more examples of using shutter priority ...... but as school and Easter holidays loom I thought you just may have some time to play a little :)

Tips on how to get used to manual camera settings I'm going to give you a tip that may help make it easier for you to understand the different settings you can use to get a little more creative.
Making it easy to come off auto mode Because Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO may traumatise some people there is a really easy way of getting your head round it.
The easy way is by learning your camera by feeling and watching .... that may sound a little strange but let me explain further.
Look at the screen on the back of my camera in the images below ...... don't look at the images they are irrelevant. 
Just look at the settings at the bottom of the screen.  
For this exercise I have set the camera on a tripod and sat it in front of the window in my office.  I've simply put my little flowe…

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