RORC Eddystone Lighthouse Race

I have to say that I am not a fan of yacht racing......well not to actually participate anyway! Watching the action and taking the pictures now that is definitely something that lights my fire! The same is not to be said for my partner, Malcolm, who took part in the Eddystone Lighthouse race at the weekend, and from his photographs it looks to me like it was my kind of sailing but not so much his! Calm seas, gorgeous sunshine and wow what a sunset off Weymouth, definitely right up my street!
However, apparently it was quite demanding with light airs and strong tides just trying to keep the 43ft Swan, Cisne, moving forward was a real tactical challenge. This race was to be a qualifier for the Fastnet in August in which they hope to take part. Let’s hope the winds are rather more on their side, not just in order that Malcolm gets the kind of racing he likes, but more importantly, he has to get back for our wedding photography business! I will be keeping a close eye on things because I will be sending a private jet to pick him up to ensure he returns to our wedding photography business! (well maybe not a private jet unless of course Richard Branson reads my blog and takes pity on me???)