A fabulous wedding in Southampton, Hampshire

The wedding took place at Highfield Church Southampton and the wedding breakfast was at The Pavilion, Romsey, Hampshire.
Bright sunshine, blue skies and a fun couple made for a wonderful wedding day.
This little girl wasn't part of the wedding but she was such a pretty little girl, I asked if I could take her photograph anyway! Gorgeous!

Was the duck aware of jaws in the pond I wonder?

Tiny glasses of sherbert sweets were placed in the centre of each table.

Sorry no pictures of the happy couple just yet. They made me promise not to show anyone before they had seen them and they are on honeymoon for three weeks! I can't wait for them to return so that they can see their lovely images. Such a beautiful bride, a beautiful day and a very handsome groom! A lovely wedding, we were really hot and exhausted by the end of the day but absolutely loved every minute of it!
So watch this space in three weeks' time!
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