Hew Forest and Hampshire Photographers

The Perfect Kiss Recipe
taken from the book Compendium of Kisses by Lana Citron
A willing pair of lips
True Intentions (a heart full)
A smattering of sweet nothings
The whisper of bated breath
A sprinkling of sighs

The success of this recipe rests on one's meticulous sourcing of ingredients, there is no room for second best!
Having procured all elements it is the easiest of procedures, merely the meeting of lip upon lip, the delicate impression of yours upon another's in a yielding moment of utter bliss
A perfect kiss should arouse all senses.  It's scent intoxicating, it should delight the tongue, tickle the lips, set one's body a tingle, creating the very taste of ecstasy.
Aaaaah, lovely!

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