New Forest and Hampshire Photographers

Just a little distraction yesterday when I sat in this garden with a cuppa, just had to take a picture of the lavender just getting ready to burst into flower! 
I will definitely be visiting this garden again when the lavender is in full bloom.  I can just imagine sitting here with a glass of wine and the aroma of wonderful lavender.   Aaah.....heaven!  And then I started to wonder how you could keep the reminder of that perfume and searched the web for Pot Pourri.  I found this on a lovely website by a lady called Elaine, the page is called Elaines Lavender Page and has all kinds of quotes and facts about lavender.  Many thanks Elaine!


1 cup English Lavender flowers
1/2 cup Marjoram leaves
1 tablespoon Thyme leaves
1 tablespoon Mint leaves
1 tablespoon Orris Root powder
2 teaspoons ground Coriander
1/2 teaspoon ground Cloves
a few drops Lavender Oil


Mix the flowers and leaves together.
Blend Orris powder, coriander and cloves separately,
then stir in the lavender oil and add to the dried material.
This mixture can go into sachets or into bowls.
Oh well no harm in a little day dreaming sometimes and switching off allows you to recharge the batteries!