New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset Photography

About to to take a few days off to visit family whilst my other half was sailing in Cork week and I went down with an eye virus....consequently was unable to visit my beautiful grandchildren for fear of them getting it!  So, feeling very sorry for myself I booked myself into the Sandbanks Hotel for some 'me' time (ensuring I kept a good distance from anyone) and a night of luxury!  I wasn't disappointed!  I got an extremely good one night deal for one person in a single room with a balcony overlooking the front of the Hotel and the windsurfers and kitesurfers (probably lucky school holidays hadn't begun as the Hotel would probably have been fully booked)!

I arrived on the Saturday disguised in dark glasses!  Booked myself in and was thrilled with my room...just perfect for a person who wanted to be shut away yet still see the world at play!

I ventured down on to the terrace and sat at the very end overlooking the beach and had a fabulous ploughman's lunch!  Without wine unfortunately as I was on antibiotics!  Of course, I always had one friend with me (my tried and trusted camera!)  
It was just like being abroad on holiday, sandy beach and people enjoying their free time.  This picture just about captures the essence....just so much going on and ice cream too delivered to the beach!
I then walked along the sandy beach to the Beach Polo....quite a long walk and I had forgotten how difficult it is to walk in deep sand!  Whew! 
When I got to the polo, the poor commentator was hoarse (pardon the pun!!) could hardly understand what the poor man was saying!  Quite exciting but just a pity you couldn't get closer. Fortunately I had carried my tried and trusted friend with me and its telephoto lens, which allowed me to get some quite good shots through the several layers of fencing that had been put up to keep us all at a safe distance!

Anyway back to my room for a lovely shower and down to dinner in the fab restaurant.  There was a wedding going on at the Sandbanks Hotel too (by the way, a fabulous venue for a wedding), but that didn't in any way affect the excellent service in the restaurant.  The only fault I could find was that I couldn't have a jug of water as there was a shortage of jugs!  However, my glass was refilled constantly!

The following morning I sat on my balcony overlooking the kite surfers all up bright and early to catch the tide and the wind!
After an absolutely fabulous breakfast of wonderful fresh fruit and, of course, egg and bacon (would have been rude not to!) I checked out not feeling guilty at all for having some 'me' time and it was just what the Dr ordered (well he didn't, of course, just prescribed pills and eye drops!)  Thank you The Sandbanks Hotel for giving me a well earned break!