New Forest and Hampshire Photographers

Another birdie moment, this time, in my son's garden.  A chaffinch's nest in a clematis montana,  slightly strange as the clematis was quite new and not very established leaving the nest quite visible.  However, whilst sitting in the garden minding my own business I happened to catch sight of the chaffinch chick poking its head out of the nest and there on the other side of the garden was mum waiting for a safe moment to feed her chick!  Well definitely a camera moment, so I quietly tiptoed away to get my camera, strangely enough not too far away!  Unfortunately, it didn't have the right lens, but at times like this there is no time for dilly dallying you just have to get on with it!  I couldn't get too close to Mum in tree, but managed to get closer to baby not hidden too well, as you can see!
There were actually two little chicks in the nest, but I was only able to catch one on camera! 
Anyway thought I would share another one of life's wonders with you as it made me appreciate life even more!  Sweet!
PS.  Not sure if the same will happen next year as I think my grandson will be making a bit more noise by then running round the garden! :D