Sunflowers at Osborne House

Ah my friend has just popped round with a lovely birthday gift and a birthday card!  Really cheered me up!  And the card has a picture of Battenburg Cake on it!  Battenburg cake?  I know very weird, but very appropriate you see!

We had a day together at Osborne House a week or so ago and I ate the biggest slab of Battenburg you have ever seen!  And, by the way, I wasn't the only one indulging, my friend had a huge chocolate brownie!
We had been thinking of getting the little bus down to the Swiss Cottage in the garden but after our rather indulgent snack we felt we ought to walk!  So we did, don't think we walked off the enormous amount of calories contained in the cakes, but I am sure it helped a little! :0)

Anyway if you want a day out I really recommend Osborne House in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.  It is a stunning building and extremely interesting inside and the gardens are absolutely beautiful!
This is a picture I took of my friend taking pics in the middle of the sunflowers in the walled garden!  Truly amazing!

The entrance to the walled is stunning!
All the gardens and the house are fab!  Really worth a visit!
And a stunning wedding venue too!
Oh and by the way, no enhancement on these photos, the sky was really blue!  Hard to remember now I know, but I think we are promised a bit more of that blue stuff over the weekend!
Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend everyone!
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