Sardinia and the Swan World Yacht Racing

Whilst I had a lovely relaxing holiday in Sardinia, Malcolm took part in the Swan World Yacht Racing on the lovely yacht, Cisne, as navigator and tactician!  I think the racing was a little disappointing as the weather was a little changeable, one day no wind, next day too much!  Ah well we can't control the weather no matter where we are! :D  However, a great result as they came 4th in class!  Well done once again to the Cisne crew!

Unfortunately, I could only catch a few pics of the crew as they came into Puerto Cervo marina as unable to get out to take the action pics (simply because I had far more important things to do, you understand, such as reading my book, sunbathing etc, you know the sort of thing!)

Cisne returning from their race.
As the sun goes down, the crews take time to reflect on the day's race.
A boat trip from Cala Gonone takes you to beaches that can't be reached any other way than by boat and to the most amazing caves!
I have to be totally honest, I was very gently persuaded to go on the boat trip to the caves and almost refused to go....I am not too brave when it comes to doing something out of the ordinary!  But it has to be said I thoroughly enjoyed it!  So thank you to Luciana for her encouragement!
Nothing is forever, but thank goodness for photographs to keep those memories alive!
Now back to work!