Maternity Photography close to home!

This was just a bit of fun!  My daughter in law is expecting a baby any minute and I was visiting, probably for the last time before the baby is born!  My grandson is two and getting very smart!  When I get the camera out now he tells me to put it away as he would much rather I played with him than take photographs!  So for a bit of fun I said he could take some pictures of Mummy, who was beavering away with the needle and cotton getting all those little jobs done prior to baby's arrival and another onslaught of feeds and nappies!    (To be honest I was thinking I would need to train an assistant soon!!)
That went down very well and was very happy for Nana to keep the camera out of her bag!  As my camera is a Nikon and with my prime lens, there was no way he would be able to take the weight!  So I held the camera and he had great fun pressing the button and then looking at his masterpiece on the viewing screen!

So I share with you the great work of my trainee,Charles, at the grand old age of Two!

For more of my maternity photography (promise not to bring Charles!) please visit my Maternity and Baby Photography website
No need for you to worry about getting ready to come to me, I will visit you and take photographs in the comfort of your own home, or a favourite venue if you prefer.  And if you want to have a bit of fun too that's fine by me!