New Forest Photographers look back for parenting week

Ah parenting week!  Well it was a good excuse to go through my own old photographs looking back on some family pictures.  My goodness me how time flies!  What on earth would we do without photographs?  How would we ever remember how tiny these little people were and how they change almost daily?

I just wanted to publish a few of the photographs that actually I hadn't looked at for a while!  In a way it tells you about me and my life and as a professional photographer, my photography really does come from the heart.

I understand the meaning of being a parent, the new beginnings and how life enfolds, changing every day.  Routines go out of the window and having children is a life changing experience, but a very rewarding one too!  And just when you thought there was no room left in your heart for more love, you have grandchildren and you realise that there was plenty of space!

These photos make me proud to be a mum, proud to be a grandma and very very lucky and grateful too!  I also feel very privileged to have a profession as a photographer. It means I get to meet some wonderful families and photograph their beautiful new babies and children too!

One day I will hand over my camera (only for five minutes you understand) so that I can get a photograph with my grandchildren!
Oh and just in case you were wondering if I had a face too!  This is a very rare occasion when you can see it!  I am always behind the camera! :)