The New Forest Photographers

I was at a couple's house recently and they told me they had been a little concerned about having a photographer in their home as some photographers they had met had been pushy, and arrogant!  Apparently, it had taken some courage to invite me into their home to photograph them.  
Whew!  they were relieved that I wasn't a bit like that!
However, it was cause for concern and I wondered how I get over to visitors to my site that we are just ordinary people with a passion for photography!  So I updated my 'About us' webpage on Essential Images to show some pictures of us and a few of our favourite things in the hope that we could perhaps take a few of the fears away.  Hope so!
About Essential Images Photography, The New Forest Photographers
When it comes to photography, I do the maternity shoots, newborn babies, kids, pre-wedding shoots, and capture the romance :) at weddings.  Malcolm does the fast cars (oh and he drives them as well!), the sailing and does all the daring stuff at photo shoots and weddings like standing on bridges to get the picture no-one else can!

Oh! And if you are wondering about the yellow lucky ducky?  A long story and perhaps a story for another day!  But he always comes with us and the grandchildren love him and so do the kids that I photograph!

We hope to see you soon!