New Forest Photography

Bee collecting pollen
When the weather gets warm enough and we are able to open the doors and windows, of course, the first thing to be opened are the conservatory doors!

Does anyone else have the same problem as us when they open up their conservatory in the warm weather?

As soon as we open the doors the bumble bees seem to get lost and enter our conservatory in abundance!  If possible, we rescue them and put them outside back on the flowers!  This one is one we managed to rescue yesterday.  It was very tired and almost out of energy completely, but as soon as we put him on the plum blossom in the garden he started to munch away (or is it a she?).  However, because the evening temperature had fallen slightly he/she was still quite dopey so I quickly got my camera!  I couldn't resist, after all the camera had been tucked away all day without being used which is almost unheard of!