New Forest Photographers

I am sorry but anyone who knows me will tell you that I am always calm in all circumstances, and rarely rant and rave, but this sure did upset me today!

Having some me time and having quite a good day, considering it was pouring with rain!  Then something happened that made me want to rant and rave!

This is what made me want to rant:

It's raining but I am still enjoying my walk down the High Street.....oh and look here comes a wedding car!
A beautiful old wedding car (sorry don't know what it is, that's my other half's domain and he isn't with me!)  Anyway it is white and very beautiful with all the gorgeous white ribbons etc.  This makes me happy as I adore weddings!

Out of the car get three gorgeous bridesmaids in purple, one of whom is a very sweet little flower girl and her dress is all pretty and frothy!  Cute!

Umm?  It's raining!  Anyone got a brollie?  Oh and where is the photographer?

Oh here she comes - must be a guest as she is in a long dress (hope she's a guest anyway I have yet to see a professional photographer in a long dress!)  Still no brollie and no picture of the car either?  Ah well, perhaps when the bride comes then?

The same lovely old car returns with the bride and the rain is even heavier!
Ah the driver of the car has a brollie, thank goodness for that and Dad (presume it was Dad) gets out of the car to give the bride a hand with her very beautiful dress, full skirted, frothy with lots of lace and obviously very expensive!

Umm?  Where's the photographer?  Oh hang on a minute one of the other guests seems to be signalling to someone that the bride has arrived!  Too late, bride is out of the car and half way up the drive to the Church - car now out of sight!

Oh no, I always have my camera with me - why did I leave it behind today :(  Oh yes! 'me' time!
Right iPhone will have to do!

So if the bride or any of the guests pick up on this I do have a picture of the bride getting out of the car and a picture of the car, it's on my iPhone!

Rant over!  The Moral of this story is:

Please, please get a professional photographer for your wedding day!

You have invested money on cars, beautiful bride's dress, gorgeous bridesmaids dresses, flowers, venue, cake etc.
The day goes so quickly!
After the day how will you remember?

Of course, you will have your memories.... but they will cloud with time.
Photographs record it all and keep those memories alive, even the little things!

Many guests can take photographs and they will record some lovely memories of your wedding day, but us experienced professional wedding photographers know where we need to be to get the all important shots too - oh and we don't mind getting wet either! And we have at least three white wedding umbrellas for bride, bridesmaids and guests if needed!  And we have the equipment to cope with all eventualities!  The list is endless!

A wedding in the rain is fun!  We shot this wedding last year in Maidenhead on a day just like today!
This is not sour grapes or a plea for you to commission us (of course we would love you to!) - it is just trying to make you understand the pitfalls of having a guest taking your wedding photographs! And is it really fair to them putting all that responsibility on their shoulders?

Think about it.....get a professional know it makes sense!