Cisne Sails in Cork and Parties in Cronins Pub

Well we all know that one of Malcolm's loves is sailing!  So me, being the loyal and loving person that I am drove him down to Plymouth last week for him to sail the beloved 43ft Swan Cisne over to Cork in readiness for Cork week!  

I was, of course, incredibly busy with editing recent weddings and was unable to go!  However, I was told that it really wasn't much fun and I wouldn't enjoy it anyway!  So me, taking him at his word was happy to just get on with things back at the office!

These pics were posted on the Facebook page of Cronins Pub!
Malcolm didn't want to take any of his precious camera gear with him but apparently managed to snaffle a camera from the owner of the bar to do some journalistic stuff!

Well, on reflection, I think I should have ignored all the advice of Malcolm and the Cisne crew because, correct me if I'm wrong, but people are smiling and drinking in these pics and definitely spells 'good time'! :)
So warning to Malcolm - maybe next time it won't be so easy to get away without me!
Oh - what's that?  I'll have to sail? :(