Sweet Sugar Candy Man in Lymington

Did you know the sweet sugar candy man is here in Lymington!
You can find Lymington's very own Candylicious at the Angel Courtyard or visit them on Facebook

I popped in to this shop of extraordinary yummy goodies yesterday to buy some gingerbread for a photoshoot - sadly it had sold out!  
Willy Wonka has promised to let me know when he gets another delivery!

Well, of course, I couldn't leave the delightful sweet shop without buying something!  There staring at me on the front table was the yummiest fudge with a sign saying 'buy me now' - what do you mean candy man - there was no sign?  Surely it wasn't a figment of my imagination? :)
Ah well, it was incredibly tempting and I bought some vanilla and banana swirl!  Then I felt a little guilty so bought some chocolate and chilli for the other half!  

You can be sure Candylicious will make your dreams come true!  Just visit the shop and see the hundreds of jars of sweets and candies and you will be lost in another world.  

And when you visit be sure to try the delicious milk shakes too, you choose the flavours and they will make it up especially for you...

.....oh and ice cream....oh goodness me I can't wait to go again!

Photography by Jan