DIY Wedding Favour

This DIY wedding favour all began when a friend of mine told me about a new shabby chic shop called Pinki-Red that had opened in Highcliffe!
Oooh!  I just couldn't wait to visit.

Fortunately, it wasn't too long before I was able to call in to this amazing little shop as I just happened to pass it en route to a shoot. :)

This lovely shop is well worth a visit - it is full of stunning shabby chic furniture and nic nacs!

Among other things (yes I did buy other things) I found these cute little heart shaped soaps.  Let me say at this point, this little soap has been in my office since my visit to the shop and has enhanced the atmosphere with the most glorious perfume!  And that is what made me think that this little soap would make a fabulous wedding favour for the ladies at your wedding.

Together with a little rosebud (which you can buy from The Natural Confetti Company) wrap the whole thing in cellophane (available at any florist) tie it with pretty ribbon ( The Ribbon Shop has some fabulous ribbons!) this makes a lovely wedding favour!  And you can even include a label as a place setting.  You can purchase pink card and little heart cutter from most stationers.  

Either place the little heart favour on the napkin or you can even stand it up behind the plate for the place setting.
Nice idea, even if I say so myself!