Woo Hoo - new cameras for us

Yes, new cameras for us here at New Forest photographers!  New cameras means lots of swatting over the mammoth manuals produced with all Nikons (not sure why Nikon make them quite so complicated!) and plenty of taking photographs before using them at the next wedding coming up very soon!

We are not new to Nikon, of course, but when they bring out new cameras they always want to change something - probably because they think it will make things easier!

So our next bride and groom will have the privilege of huge files on their CD of high resolution images! :)  Hope they have plenty of storage and it does mean they can get one of their lovely wedding images printed on the side of their house if they so choose!:)

To date I have used these new mega Nikon cameras for baby shoots, a pre-wedding shoot, a commercial shoot for Natural Confetti and some  floral art photographs!!  Oh and my grandchildren too, of course!

I can't wait to share some of the images!

But this image I want to share because, it is personal to us and I love it!  It is where we relax with a cuppa (well glass of wine too when the sun is over the yard arm, of course!).  At the moment the garden is so colourful - not perfect by a long way (not enough time for gardening to be totally honest) but colourful and relaxing it is and we love it and when we're not working and the weather allows we get outside!