Heaven on Earth - Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir Aux Quats'Saisons

Yes definitely I can only describe it as heaven on earth!  A place I had always wanted to go and never thought I would - Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir Aux Quats'Saisons!

And right up until the morning of my birthday I had no idea this is where I was going!  It exceeded all my expectations!  A treat from start to finish - I just didn't want it to end!  Everything was just perfect and yes we could, I am sure, have had a week's holiday for the money but I wouldn't have changed a thing!

Now I am going to shower you with photographs!
A truly memorable occasion - Malcolm handing his keys over to his beloved Maserati!
He then spent a little time stressing about whether anyone would be able to get his Maserati into reverse!  Me, I just ate the wonderful lemon drizzle cake and drank my cuppa!  By the way lemon drizzle cake to die for! Yummy!

Oh and they didn't get the Maserati into reverse, they left it exactly where it was at the front of Le Manoir Hotel entrance!  Well I suppose it didn't really look out of place did it!
We were then escorted to our room!  Umm?  Excuse me?  There seems to be a misunderstanding - Passion Flower?
Ah champagne and a handsome young man to go with it - oh silly me that's Malcolm (do you think he's trying to impress someone by any chance?) It's that Passion Flower on the door that's doing it!
Umm?  He's obviously forgotten about the snoring! :)
This room is just gorgeous with its own little patio surrounded by plants and arches covered in fruit.
I just have to sit down to savour and take this in - I need to take my time and ensure I don't miss a thing!
The little personal touches make you feel so special - the bowl of fruit and the little bag in the bathroom with a note saying 'please pop your soaps into this bag to continue using them at home,don't let us put them to waste'!  Oh and the slippers also come with a similar note! Now all being utilised in the guest bedroom! (only to look at - you can't use them!)
And the champagne which, although has Le Manoir printed on it was a personal touch by the lovely Malcolm!
So now to drink champagne, relax and ....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Next time I will take you for a walk round the beautiful gardens!  We needed to do this several times - not just because they were fabulous but because we ate NINE courses at the evening meal!
No photos of that - a professional DSLR is rather a large item to get into one's evening handbag!

Le Manoir by the way, makes a beautiful venue for a wedding!
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