Soaking up the atmosphere at Goodwood Revival

The trouble with being a professional photographer is that it's really difficult to take photos without being totally professional about it!  You see once you have done professional photography for several years it all becomes somewhat automatic!

What I mean by that is looking for the 'good' light, looking for the best position and looking for the best possible backdrop all becomes second nature!  Consequently when you are shooting for personal reasons and capturing memories for yourself it becomes incredibly difficult not to look for all those things!  And then, even worse, when you upload the images to your computer you become really critical about your pictures!

Anyway at the Goodwood Revival I decided to try and forget all that and soak up the atmosphere and casually capture the ambience and nostalgia!  

As we wandered through the crowds (by the way it was very crowded)  I just took photos without thinking - I got some strange angles and some real quirky shots but do you know what................I think it captured what the day was all about!
Oh I did take some pics of cars too but will share them later!  The most fun for me is people watching! :)