Twitter brings Le Manoir envy

I follow Le Manoir on Twitter!  To be honest I don't know whether I should?   Each time someone tweets them up it pops on my twitter page and total Le Manoir envy overflows!

A few weeks ago I invited you to join me in looking back at some of the sheer luxury and treats my t'other half had organised for me at 

Now back into the birthday file I delve to take another memorable wander through Raymond Blanc's lovely gardens.

And I invite you this time to take a stroll with me through one of the most beautiful gardens I have been lucky enough to visit.  

The gardens of Le Manoir Aux Quat' Saison. 
and then sadly farewell :(
That's my Le Manoir fix for a few more days - well until the next tweet pops up anyway! :)
Oh and by the way, as you can see this is a fabulous wedding venue!

Ah and did I forget to mention...........we are professional wedding photographers and would love to travel to Great Milton!