Boys toys at Goodwood Revival

I got into deep trouble with t'other half for not including photographs of 'boys toys' in my last blog on the Goodwood Revival!  
Well, of course, he would see it like that - it's all about the cars for the men isn't it and for women, speaking for myself, all about people watching and the fashion! :)

So without further ado my contribution to
big boys' old toys......
 little boys' old toys..............
 Cute kid and car!
 one of the wonderful air displays.......
and boys' dream toys (yes I suppose I can dream too!)
the new Jaguar is quite something with four exhausts that would definitely impress the grandsons! :)
The new Maserati Ghibli - not much persuasion required here just money would help!
Car photography is not my forte, as you can see - t'other half' usually gets the job of motor photography,  but on this occasion he was more interested in watching the cars on the track!  And I was the one carrying the camera around! :)