I couldn't stop smiling

I couldn't stop smiling!

The early evening light was beautiful and I was very close to Highcliffe beach!

The changing light was amazing whichever way you looked there was something that warranted a photograph.

And I had reasons to be cheerful!  I had two client appointments today, both of whom signed up with us for wedding photography  :)

 I love thistles - are these sea thistles, at least I think that's what these are called?  Could be Eryngium Sea Holly?  Not sure! 
 The surfers were out in full force too, but I didn't have my zoom lens so could only grab a few shots in the distance!
Then there was the very brave little dog who seemed to think he was huge and took on any dog that came in his sight!
  Here he goes again and in this photo he has leaped completely off the ground in his excitement.  I don't thing the big dog knows what is coming his way any moment!
I wandered back up the cliff and decided to take pics of anything and everything.  The blackberries I am told had a brilliant crop this year!
 What is the plant below?  I don't know the name of it but thought it looked quite lovely and then a fly thought he would get in on the act!
 And this plant below is I believe Mare's Tail, which is the bane of my life in my garden to be totally honest.  However, somehow growing in the wild I don't mind it so much!
 After all that, I got to the top of the cliff and thought I would treat myself to a hot chocolate at the Cliffhanger.
It tasted ok, but I have to say it was a little disappointing to photograph!  Unlike the one I had at the Marine Cafe in Milford!
So come on Cliffhanger at Highcliffe - I need a hot chocolate worthy of a photograph next time!
However, I was still smiling when I walked back to my car! :)