A Goodwood Christmas

After a very windy and wet travel to The Goodwood Hotel the night before Christmas Eve, we arrived to a cosy room and a fabulous meal at The Richmond Arms Restaurant.  
Sadly, Christmas Eve, along with many other unfortunate people in England, we woke up to a very dark Hotel!  No power at all!   A generator was hired and Christmas Eve night all the lights eventually came on and back to normality!  And by the way I have to say the Hotel staff managed to smile through it all and coped extremely well!

Whew!  We thought we were going to have to go back home!

We spent a quiet Christmas Day, eating and drinking mainly, after opening our lovely pressies!  We did manage a quick walk in between showers!  Rain that is - not bathroom showers! :)

But Boxing Day was a completely different story as far as the weather was concerned!  After a visit to Goodwood House and a tour of the stunning rooms we arrived back at the Hotel for a wonderful buffet lunch, after which we decided we ought to go for another walk!  So we ventured up the drive to Goodwood House once more and The Kennels.

  It was a glorious crisp sunny day and Malcolm took his back up camera, Nikon D7100 with him and what he calls 'a reluctant model'!  Yes, you guessed it - me!  

I love shooting into the light and creating romantic images with lens flare but, although Malcolm likes shooting into the light he doesn't like lens flare - so at first he humoured me - saying 'you'll like these because they have lens flare'!  :)
And I loved the images he created - soft flattering light for a reluctant 'mature model'! :)
Lens flare is breaking the rules of photography but as they say 'rules are there to be broken'!
And, shhhh........don't tell him this but I actually enjoyed being in front of the camera as the on location shoot progressed (never thought I would say that) but he made it fun and made me laugh and relax!  
To be fair he has always been good at making me laugh - but a much harder task getting me to relax in front of the camera!
Ah and then the one without the lens flare!
  Actually there are lots more of this reluctant model without lens flare and may well be shared at a later date!

If you are interested in a fun and relaxing on location lifestyle shoot
or if you prefer you could come to the studio in Lymington for a more formal shoot with studio lighting.  
The choice is yours but you are guaranteed to have fun whatever you choose!