Life on the ocean wave - Swan Valhalla Caribbean 600

When Malcolm was asked to be part of the crew on Swan Valhalla in Antigua to take part in the Caribbean 600 race, I was a little envious to say the least!  I don't sail, although to be honest I may have been persuaded if it meant some time in the hot sunshine!  

Well, come on after all the wet weather we have had in the UK over the last few months, who wouldn't say 'yes' to 10 days in the warm sun! 

However, a crew meeting was called at The Royal Lymington Yacht Club and Malcolm said that I may as well come along and then we could eat at the Club after the meeting!  (Not a lot of persuasion required as I'm always up for a meal out and not having to cook!)

I sat through the crew meet up listening to words like 
'this is no holiday'  
'this is a tough race'  
'600 miles and 4/5 days on a yacht in the heat'
'sometimes huge swells'
 'wind gusting 35+ knots' 
'the twilight zone behind Guadelope which has proved to be the nemisis of many yachts'

Guess what?  I went off the idea of taking up sailing pretty rapidly!

So off he went to the sunshine and the gruelling task of crewing in a tough yacht race! 

And, of course, there is always a job for me as shore crew - this time thousands of miles away on land in the UK and after the racing and partying! :(  

My job?  Post production of the images that Malcolm had taken in Antigua of course! 

Here are just a few!  

 Sail repairs etc all had to be done whether the yacht was upright or heeling, calm waters or rough!
I think it can be said that it was truly a tough race - albeit in the sunshine - well most of the time!
The accommodation? Not 4 star then!
And then the partying!
I think quite a lot of this was consumed! :)

If you would like to see more of this tough Caribbean 600 race on Swan Valhalla visit Essential Images
be warned you may get seasick or punch drunk! :)