This jar of marmalade gets shot before it gets eaten

Sometimes it is just lovely to do some food photography - gets the creative juices flowing in more ways than one!  Let me tell you this jar of marmalade was lucky to get shot before it got eaten! :)

I knew this parcel of Abu's Marmalade was on its way to me by Royal Mail!  When it arrived and I knew immediately what it was before I opened it - the pretty label gave the game away!  

And what a lovely surprise on opening the box I found most of the packaging was environmentally friendly (always gets my vote!).

Little did this jar of homemade Seville orange preserve know that now it had arrived it was going to photographed inside, outside, upside down, in out of its packaging, in and out of its jar and that's all before it was spread on toast or bagel and ....... no not eaten - photographed again!  :)  

I have to say that this photoshoot was going to take some will power on my part because, having had the privilege of a tasting session, I knew that once opened this seville orange preserve would not last long! 

So this is the first of many photographs of this unsuspecting jar of marmalade!

Shhhh......once the word gets out supplies of this orange preserve won't last long!
 Buy now before it's too late!