Why do you need a professional photographer for your commercial photography

Commercial Photography is all about images of you or your product for website use, portfolio, and advertising material such as brochures and leaflets.  

It's all about you!  Quality photographs of you or your products give a true reflection on what you provide to your customers/clients.

Why do you need a professional photographer?  Your images should reveal how your products look and feel.

A professional commercial photographer will spend time finding the right backdrop, setting the scene with styling, props and accurate lighting taking lots of time and plenty of patience.

You may have the patience but do you have the time and expertise to create images that WOW your clients and make them want to buy?

The image below was shot by Malcolm.  The necklace looked like a waterfall – so we thought, what better place than a waterfall to shoot this particular piece of jewellery!  

As you can see this photograph needed some time and thought prior to shoot, a little research and a lot of patience; with trusted assistant (me) balancing over said waterfall with twigs and jewellery, and some creative lighting the image was finally shot! 
Are you unique in what you provide?  Do your marketing images reflect on how unique you are?  

Let us take the strain and give you what your business deserves, quality images for your quality product and service.

Give your business the competitive edge!

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