Wobbly legs

It all began when I went to the gym this morning!
I had been on the treadmill and was watching and listening to 
David Garrett on Weekend TV.
Have you heard him?  He is just amazing!  Seemed to just play anything that anyone asked him to without music!  And then he played Swan Lake!  Incredible!

Anyway I was on the treadmill so long - when I stepped off my legs went all wobbly! :)  
Well that was the end of my trip to the gym!  Any excuse!

As I left I spotted the Wisteria with droplets of rain - looked like it was coming out in sympathy with me with tears of pain! 

Just had to grab a shot of it!

 Oh and then I thought it would make a great poster with a quote to go with it!

Happy Sunday everyone - have a great week!