5 Reasons to BBQ

So, Malcolm says let's have a BBQ tonight!  

So without further ado I swiftly go to supermarket - you don't have to ask me twice - very happy to have my meal cooked for me!  

Sadly I still have to do the washing up :(  Well actually if I'm honest the dishwasher does it but you still have to load it don't you!

Anyway, as per usual I digress!

Supermarket it is and WOW my findings at Waitrose are going to be very tasty indeed!

I arrive home and although I thought this might be a challenge for my t'other half I probably knew he would rise up to it without any problem!

Lobster Tails, Prawns and asparagus
together with olive oil and white wine the table is set alfresco
add a squeeze of lemon juice
and on to the BBQ they go
a slice of lemon and a little parsley butter for the new potatoes
a feast indeed
Oh and I did my bit - the new potatoes were very tasty!

It doesn't get much better than this
So my 5 reasons to BBQ are .....
  1. Weather is fine!
  2. Lobster tails!
  3. Fine wine
  4. Good company
  5. And Malcolm always does a BBQ to die for!
What are your 5 reasons? 

Chef:  Monsieur Malcolm Hawksworth :)
Photographer:  Jan at 
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