Uninvited visitor to BBQ ....

The weather was fab and we were ready to relax with one of Malcolm's infamous BBQ's and this one was to be very special (more on that on the next blog!)

We had been to the garden centre in the afternoon and indulged in some more plants for the garden, which I refer to as our 'outdoor studio'.  It has set the scene for many a photoshoot now  and, 
I say it myself, it lends itself very well! 

Anyway I digress!  

I fear, as we had been moving things around the garden, we had disturbed the wildlife!

So as we were about to set up for our relaxing evening we found we had an uninvited guest!
It was the cutest little hedgehog!  So he pops his head round the plant pot.......
braves it out into the big wide world and has a little sniff ......
Nope!  Not sure I like the look of that and makes for another hiding place ......
oh hang on maybe it's not so bad after all...... so comes for a closer look!
On with the gloves and Malcolm sweeps him up very carefully, of course, and carries him to a safer haven.  

What a cutie! :)

Model:  Baby Hedgehog 
Photographer:  Jan
Carer:  Malcolm