Wedding favours to suit ........

Continuing with our wedding plans!

It is always difficult to find wedding favours to suit male and female!

Look no further!

When we were planning our bridal shoot we found the perfect solution!

I was lucky because I had found Maria Allen previously when looking for something special for Malcolm's birthday.  Ah I may share that another day!  

Today it is wedding favours ideas we are sharing!

Cute, cute wine glass charms!
When they arrived I was thrilled!
They come in cute little bags but I couldn't wait to take them out and place them around the stem of the wine glasses!

Oh and I got a little carried away by clipping them on lights on the umbrella in the centre of the table outside - my mind was buzzing with ideas to shoot these and I am sure I will do more at a later date!

Today thank you to Maria Allen Boutique for these fabulous wedding favours, which I think you will agree, are suitable for men and women! 
I think they would also make a lovely engagement present!