A great racing day for Cisne - Rolex Swan Worlds 2014

The day after an enforced rest day because of light airs the Cisne crew were raring to go!  

They got what they wanted!  Winds gusting from 15 to 29 knots was just what this boat and their crew needed!

I was desperate to capture images of at least some of the yacht racing but as the races all took place off shore it was going to be a little difficult without a rib or a helicopter!

However, this day the YCCS has set a course from Capo Ferro which wasn't too far away from Porto Cervo and meant that I could possibly capture some images off the start line!

So the lovely Luciana drove me to Capo Ferro to give me the opportunity of maybe, just maybe, getting a little closer to the racing!

So this is as close as we could get without me hanging off a cliff and Lu hanging on to my ankles!