Don't retire me yet ...............

There are times when things just go the way you planned

and ............

there are times they don't!  

And those times you just need to get up, shake yourself off and do what makes you smile, sing or dance.

Shake off the stress and feel blessed for what you've got, not what you haven't got!

I have just found some images I had taken at the beginning of the year doing just that ..... taking time out!  

 I picked up my old camera friend, Nikon D200 .....  and we went for a little wake up and shake up!

And one thing that always makes me smile is sun, sea and sand in my toes .... the sun was shining but not as warm as I would have liked but I thought 'what the hell - go girl, go dip your toes'!

And Boscombe beach was the perfect place!

And I only got to upload the images last week .....

Am I seeing things ..... there's a heart in the waves right by my toes!
(apart from converting these images from RAW files to jpegs,they are straight out of the camera)!  

Oh I think my faithful friend is trying to tell me something!

'Oi! I did help you achieve your professional qualifications, you were happy with me then.....don't retire me can still get great pics with me :)'

So I have bought it a present!
Yep!  I am a sentimental ol' softie!  This little baby will come with me on my personal photography outings - I still love it and get some cracking images using it.  

Malcolm and I have upgraded several times from this little gem of a camera - now to Nikon D800s with 36 megapixels, which give fantastic huge files to enlarge to a size as big as the side of your house if necessary!

So the little D200 hasn't been used for weddings or anything else for a very long time but is still loved by me and will be used for my 'time out' days!

Photography by me and my D200!
Camera Strap by Camera Straps Made with Love

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