A photographer relaxing .............

Being a professional photographer it is really hard to put the camera down, even when you are on holiday!

So a photographer relaxing is a rare thing!

But relaxation is good for everyone no matter what profession you are in!  So once in a while the camera gets left behind (and I can tell you when you manage to leave it ....... you are forever saying to yourself 
'I wish I had brought the camera'!)

Consequently, the camera came with me most of the time and certainly on this occasion I was glad I took it with me!

I relaxed at Admirals Inn with a cup of coffee and my kindle, reading another JoJo Moyes book The Girl You Left Behind!  (yet another great read by the way!)  

I was desperately trying to leave my camera in the bag and then ......

Taking coffee at Admiral Inn Antigua and reading kindle
............have you ever felt you are being watched .....
Pelican waiting to catch sight of his dinner
well, of course, he wasn't watching me, I am far too 
big a fish to catch!! :)
Pelican taking off looks like he is walking on water after his catch
So I perched on the edge of my seat waiting, waiting ........
and he is so quick, I am too late to get him going into the water :(  
Hey walking on water is quite cool isn't it!!!

Pelicans are really amazing to watch!
And if you don't see them first you are aware of a huge shadow going over the top of you and then suddenly a splash!  Incredible!

I have lots of stories to tell about our stay in Antigua and really looking forward to sharing some more!

Until the next time .......