A Relentless and Tough Yacht Race in the Caribbean

The RORC Caribbean 600 is said to be the finest race in the Caribbean!  

That may be, but I believe it must be one of the toughest yacht races too!

For me, of course, any yacht race is tough, but I have it from reliable experienced yachtsmen that this is tougher than tough! :)

Classic trade winds, and gusts of 20 knots, sometimes gusting to 30 knots.   The shadow of Guadeloupe too made for a relentless, extreme, tough and exhausting race!

I was able to capture a few images of some of the yachts before the start of the race.  

There was no real close view of the boats for us spectators, unless, of course, we were in a helicopter!  Nope that's not on my 'things to do' list either!
Tonnerre 4 before start of Caribbean 600
Over the next few weeks I will share some of the images I did manage to capture.

Blue skies and blue water enabled me to take some memorable photographs.

Here are a few images of Tonnerre going through their paces just before the start gun!

Well done to Tonnerre, who achieved an excellent result!

3rd in IRC Zero and 4th overall.

Watch this space for more images of the start of this long and arduous yacht race......