How to Pack for a Hot Climate

Everyone packs too many clothes!

Well that’s what my friend told me!  She spends a lot of time there so you’d think I’d have listened wouldn’t you!  And did I?  Of course not!

I packed for Antigua thinking I knew better! 

We went to Sardinia in September, where it was 30 degrees.  Could it be any different? 

So my bag was overweight. We ended up at the airport moving things out of my bag into husband’s bag, adding things to our carry ons!  The queue behind us looked on in disbelief! 

We were carrying seven yacht crew shirts for the skipper and goodies for our friend.  I think you will agree, not entirely my fault!

So, after my experience, let me help on how to pack for a hot climate:
  • Loose fitting short dresses (I took two maxi dresses and brought them back unworn – I felt I would have melted if I had worn them!)(I did have one ear open listening to my friend!  So before leaving UK I bought three short M&S beach dresses in their StayNew fabric!  They packed well without the need of ironing, washed and dried without a problem!
  • A pretty cool floaty party frock (just in case you get asked to a party, as we did, and mine did end up floating! Now that's a story for another day!
  • Shorts (I’m not keen on wearing shorts but I did wear them!)
  • Strappy Vests (I took some but didn’t wear them much as I only wore them with shorts!)
  • Cotton underwear (Bridget Jones knickers are fine as long as they are cotton or breathable!  I can vouch for these )  
  • Swimsuits (another M&S purchase for me with control tummy!) or bikinis, of course, if, unlike me, you are slim and fit enough to wear one!
  • Sarongs (I took loads but only wore one or two of them)  I obviously wore the one my husband bought for me in Antigua!  There are plenty of sarongs in the Caribbean so if you don't take one with you, rest assured you will buy one!
    Be sure to pack a sarong for a hot climate holiday
  • Flip flops (I took four pairs!  Oh and a pair of high heeled sandals – ok, ok the sandals I brought back unworn and two pairs of flip flops were also unworn) 
  • Suncream (I advise you to buy it in the UK as it is much cheaper here)
  • Factor 50 definitely for the first few days (I used it for the first week)
  • Factor 30 to switch to after you have dealt with the intense heat of the sun
  • Mosquito spray – lots of it
Pack suncreams and mosquito spray for a hot climate

And trust me on this!  You will need no more, other than a toothbrush, hairbrush etc!  

You can travel light.  

Even if it rains, and oh boy it sure does,
Torrential rain downpour in English Harbour
it is warm rain and over within minutes, the sun comes out and everything dries within seconds!

The heat is intense and humid, even at night!  I took a cardigan with me but didn't wear it other than on return plane journey!

Your bags are packed!  

AND NOW .....................

Relax on the sand by the sea in the sunshine

And, was my bag overweight on the return journey?  Nope!  I very carefully added things to husband's bag!  All good to go!! :)