This Sure was a Feel Good Party

I have so many stories I could tell about our holiday in Antigua!

From Jolly Harbour yacht racing to relaxing on the beach, but our hosts and their friends sure know how to party!

We were invited to Lucy's birthday party at Sheer Rocks.

This story I really want to share - it makes me smile from ear to ear!

Firstly, a relaxing chat with a welcoming rum punch and I am totally at ease with my camera, taking in the ambience of the place and people!

In fact I had a lovely chat with the bar man about Nikon!!
Bar man at Sheer Rocks in Antigua

A warm welcome at the Sheer Rocks Bar

A birthday at Sheer Rocks in Cocobay
And then, after a some fabulous food and a little Minuty I was prised right out of my comfort zone!

These girls were not going to let me get away with not getting in the pool!
Girls know how to party in the pool
Ah well if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Hang on!  Who's this?
Boys know how to party in the pool
 Was it you young man?   Is this the look of innocence?
Or maybe it was you?
and a look on Lucy's face says 'what next' or 'who next'! :)
I bet you can't guess what my favourite wine is now?

A rose wine from Provence! I have found out where to buy it here too (just in case husband would like to buy some)! 

 I can assure you, no matter how much I drink of it here in the UK no-one will be dragging me in the pool fully clothed or in a swimsuit for that matter! :)