Lymington Skipper 35ft Yacht Caribbean 600

If you are a serious ‘yachty’, this is one of the ‘must do’ offshore yacht races in the racing calendar.  (well, that's what I'm told anyway!)

It is, of course, the RORC Caribbean 600.
2015 was its fifth year. 

This is yacht racing around 11 islands in the central Caribbean with huge waves and swells sure to get the adrenalin pumping.

Health and safety is, of course, a priority.  Lots of preparation required for all the crews and yachts taking part.

I took a keen interest in the crew of Zarafa, a 35ft yacht which just happened to be the smallest in the entire 600 Caribbean flee!  

A particular interest, though, in my husband who was sailing on her! 

I didn’t need too much encouragement to go along to Antigua!  

Well that’s as long as I didn’t have to actually sail on a yacht! Unless, of course, it was at least 70ft, with a powerful motor and a guarantee of staying upright!

I was very happy to watch over all the preparations on Zarafa to be fully guaranteed that all, especially my husband, would return safely!
Zarafa preparing for the Caribbean 600 in Antigua
Zarafa crew getting boat ready for racing
Zarafa moored in English Harbour while crew get her ready
The crew on Zarafa in English harbour
A lesson for a member of the Zarafa crew
Young Crew on Zarafa
Crew on Zarafa Yacht in English Harbour
Crew on Zarafa taking time out
Oh, as well as taking photos, I was put on skipper watch! 
Well, the crew wouldn't have wanted to be seen to be slacking in his absence!
Ah, here he is!  Yes, I think everything's in order!
Zarafa skipper and owner of Zarafa Major Peter Schofield
In that case, I think Zarafa is ready to try out her new sail! 
(by the way why is every yacht a 'she')
Zarafa in English Harbour slips away to try new sail
Zarafa and her crew leave for a sail
New Forest Photographer sails on Zarafa in Antigua
Zarafa tries out new sail in Antigua
Zarafa and crew try out new sail
So, really?  Did this little 35ft yacht take part in this gruelling 600 mile race?

Yes, really?  And what's more they all came back safe and won 2nd place in their class!
Caribbean 600 and 2nd Place to Zarafa and Lymington Skipper