I Was Lost in a Sea of Colour

The gardens at Coton Manor is full of surprises!  An English Country garden with an abundance of plants in beautiful colours.

and then you are amazed by the wonderful colours of the Flamingos!  Apparently they are fed a particular food to ensure they keep their colour!
Whilst we were visiting we lucky enough to see the one little duckling which seemed to have survived everything.  He was incredibly lively! It was extremely difficult to get a sharp image of him!
And then there's the friendly parrot who sits by the cafe!  He is over 20 years old!  By the way the cafe serves great food too!

I was once again lost in a sea of colour in these gardens!

If you would like to visit they are open from April to September and throughout the year they have many highlights!

We were lucky enough to see the bluebells.  

Late May to July they have a wild flower meadow ... I wonder if we will get to go back? 

Venue Coton Manor

Photography: Essential Images