This Week's Winner of Nature's Beautiful Fashion Show

  I didn't think I was going to get the chance this year because of workload, but just managed to squeeze in another visit to Exbury yesterday before going on to a shoot! 

The gardens are always a profusion of colour so I am never disappointed.   An annual pass means I can pop in, even if it's just for an hour!

Well, I have seen it before but I don't think I have ever seen it in such splendour!

The beautiful Wisteria had surpassed itself this year and if Nature had a fashion show, this would surely be a winner!

Wisteria at Exbury Gardens
 A little girl stepped in whilst I was shooting and her mum told her to get out of my shot!  No!  Leave her, it shows a little of the perspective!

It was so lovely too, to hear the gasps from visitors as they came through the gates!
Wonderful wisteria at Exbury
 Just how many photos can you take of Wisteria?  
Trust me, you can't take too many of this one!
Wisteria is one of nature's beauties
 Like a waterfall the lacey flowers flow over and in between the pillars!
flowering wisteria at Exbury Gardens
The flowering wisteria at Exbury
Then I spied a mottled sky which was pretty above the flowers!

(Actually my husband would say this was a sky of change - oh no we have another wedding to shoot on Saturday - please be kind to our bride!)
Fabulous wisteria was like a waterfall
 As I stood underneath, the sun came streaming through giving me yet another photo opportunity!  Oooh fab perfume too!
The sun was streaming through the wisteria
 I could have kept on and on - every angle there was another shot ....
Lilac coloured wisteria falling over the columns
but I had a couple waiting for me to take their photos so I had to move on!

As I walked away from the gardens I found myself saying to everyone as I passed 'make sure you see the wisteria!'

Thank you Exbury Gardens for this week's winner of Nature's beautiful fashion show!

Photography by:  Essential Images