A Walk on the Wild Side at Woodside Lymington

On my second visit to the wild meadow at Lymington Hospital
I met a lovely chap, Paul, who was also taking photographs but for a different reason to me.  He had actually helped to prepare the ground and spread the seeds!

Paul very kindly told me of other flower meadows to visit.  

It is our busy wedding and on location shoot season at the moment so time is not something we have a lot of currently!

However, I did take time out to have a walk on the wild side at Woodside in Lymington!

wild flowers in woodside lymington
As I began taking photos of yet another beautiful meadow ........
a crash into the lake made me jump!
Meet Daisy the beagle!
beagle licking his lips
Daisy came out licking her lips and was heading for the meadow when her owner shouted 'Daisy!'
Her owner had just moved to the area and was in awe of the meadow and intent on keeping the dog out of it!  Whew!
wild poppies in woodside lymington
wild flowers in woodside lymington
wild flower meadow in woodside lymington
Nestled in the meadows were such beautiful individual flowers too!
A bright blue cornflower was the only one me and my meagre repertoire of plants could name!
blue cornflower in wild meadow in lymington
I think there was a wild orchid, but I only think that because to me it looks like a little orchid!  Maybe someone can put me straight on this one!
wild orchid in flower meadow
And then something that looked like a dandelion with a head of cotton wool!
it looks like cotton wool, is it a dandelion
Oh gosh time for me to go, Harry the lab  looks like he's seen something he likes the look of - oh boy I think it's me!
a dog on its hind legs on the run
 I'm out of here!

Thank you Flower Power Lymo for the wonderful meadows!