I Spy a Carpet of Yellow

The wild meadows of Lymington and beyond are truly stunning!

I just can't get out and about enough to take photos of these amazing wild gardens that have been planted by the generous people of The Power of the Flower

What a truly fabulous project!

I was just about to give up on my search for the meadow in Barton when I spied this carpet of yellow!
A carpet of yellow flowers in the meadow
I was a little cautious with my camera as this meadow is beside a children's playground.  I didn't want mums to think I was taking pics of their children.

So I crouched down low in the hope they would understand it was the flowers I was interested in!
A wild meadow of yellow flowers in Barton
Spot the butterfly in the wild meadow at Barton
And, you know me, I just can't resist a close up or two!
Pretty pink flowers in the middle of yellow meadow
Gatekeeper butterfly in the meadow at Barton
I think this butterfly is a Gatekeeper.  He looks like he has had to ward off many a predator!  A little worse for wear!

A huge thank you to Flower Power Lymo
for the fantastic work they are doing in and around the beautiful New Forest.