If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get

Very early this morning I was chilling out on my sunny seat in the garden, it was about 7.30am, with a cuppa and a quick read of my Kindle book!  

One eye on the book, birds and bees and the other on Twitter!  You see I am a woman and can multitask! :)

So a tweet from Flower Power Lymo says 'We'd be honoured if you'd photograph some of our beautiful flowers in our Lymington wild flower meadows! @essentialimages

Well if you don't ask, you don't get!  And as I live not too far from Lymington Hospital I shot down there with my camera for a brief visit!

But I did think it deserved a blog .... and you will see why!

At first I saw daisies, and more daisies .....

which were very pretty, but I am sure they said there was a carpet of colour?

So I tried walking round the other side of the hospital, which took the rabbits by surprise!  Up sprung their ears  ....

and one shot across the road. I was only walking so he was in no danger! However, there behind him I could see this profusion of colour!  

Oooh yes, that put a spring in my step too!
And then I just couldn't stop taking pictures! 

and a bonus for me on the way back I saw this beautiful butterfly on the thistles!  I would normally do a close up shot but the thistles were pretty too and I felt they deserved to be in the picture!
Well, I can only say 'I am so pleased you asked, Flower Power Lymo, thank you for brightening my morning!'