It Takes Your Breath Away

My second visit to Barton meadow!

I parked on clifftop to ensure I got a bit of a walk, being in front of the computer editing weddings may exercise the brain, but not the body!!

As I opened the car door I thought it was coming off the hinges!  Gale force winds I think!

Oh boy, I thought to myself, it isn't going to be easy photographing flowers that are having their heads blown off!

So, with high shutter speeds amongst other settings changed on camera, onwards and upwards!

wild flowers at barton meadow
Battling with the winds was well worth the effort!
 There was hardly a pause in the wind and the sun was in and out, so changing the settings on my camera was just like photographing a wedding on an ever changing British Summer day!

In fact, talking of weddings, wouldn't these wild flowers look beautiful in a bridal bouquet for a countryside wedding!

Now I am going to stop talking and let you take in this breath taking wild flower meadow!
And on this day not only did the wind take my breath away, but this wonderful meadow once again created by the 
fabulous Flower Power of Lymington grow wild project.

And lots of helpful information here too at Grow Wild

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