Work to Live ...

This year has been absolutely manic for us and suddenly I realised that since February and our wonderful holiday in Antigua there has not been much 'me' time!

Malcolm on many occasion has told me to make more time for me!  

Trouble is I get so engrossed in the editing of weddings and photoshoots the hours go by and the day is gone!  
And then, of course, social media gets more and more complicated and more demanding of your time!  

I will tell you a secret ..... shhh ..... Instagram is my favourite!  Instant sharing of daily life from my Nokia phone and I love it! 

But I do need to get out more!!!

So, last week I joined a yoga class - eeek why won't my body do what I ask it!
And yesterday I rejoined a choir and sang my heart out!  

I know it's hard to believe! I do have a voice other than the one that tries to politely get guests together for the group shots!!

'love what you do and do what you love'

Exactly that!  I do!  Lucky me!  
But to keep ideas fresh and mind active there is a need to relax and take time out!
'We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone'

So, as my school report said (ok, ok it was a long time ago, but the words stuck!)
 'must try harder'

On this occasion I must try harder to .....

Work to Live and not Live to Work - make sure you do too!