The Kiss of the Sun at Compton Acres

We are coming up to a very busy time in the year with weddings.  
This year was looking a little quieter and I thought I was going to get some time to do a little work on archiving, maybe a little clearing out, a bit of time with family etc etc.

Suddenly all that changed and now May, June and July are completely booked!

Why am I telling you this?  Not sure really.  Maybe to justify to myself the time I took wandering round the beautiful gardens of Compton Acres whilst I had the chance.  
Maybe I felt a little guilty in doing so?  
Silly really - life is so hectic and sometimes it does you good to give yourself some thinking space.

I haven't been to Compton Acres for a very long time and to meander with my thoughts and my camera helped clear my head.

It was a sunny but cold day and the sun played hide and seek between the trees, kissing the heads of flowers and garden statues and making the waterfalls sparkle.  

Just like the first sign says as you start your walk ....  
The Kiss of the Sun ...

Loved the signage here too!

Then I stopped to have a browse in the shop.  I can recommend this too as it has some unique and pretty gifts.

Then I saw a card with the words 'Tell the negative voices in your head to sit down and shut up!'
So I did! :)