Boots, Rakes and Sunhats

As I turned the corner there I viewed a hive of activity.

Lots of volunteers turned out to help sow the seeds of this year's Lymington Hospital Flower Meadow to ensure a beautiful display for the hospital patients, just like last year.

The sun was shining on these lovely people but there were boots and sunhats ....
..... ready for our ever changing weather!  
Rakes, hoes and seeds at the ready for the 'Great Sow Off' :)
The sowing of seeds, some generously donated by
began with great enthusiasm 
and encouragement from Gill :)  
Boots, rakes and sunhats on a beautiful day for this amazing team of volunteers!

Hello?  What's this?  Sitting down on the job?  No - only joking!  
After the fantastic efforts and hard work you could hardly blame them for having a sit down on the first available bench!

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Please return soon for the updates on the Lymington Flower Meadow progress.

If you would like to get involved in the wonderful projects of Gill and her team visit New Forest Friends of the Earth
they are fabulous people, fun to be with and doing a wonderful and worthwhile job. 

Photography by Jan at Essential Images Photography