Do You Still Have One Foot on the Ground - Stay Focused

When you're a child life is full of magic, each day you wake up ready to enjoy every moment.

And when it wasn't such a good day,  you go to bed,  get up the next day and have forgotten all about what happened yesterday!  You move on without looking back.

A child puts his heart and soul into whatever he does.  He wants to do well, whether it be to impress his teacher, mum, dad or just because he wants to do the best he can.  

No complications, that's just how it is when you're a kid!

Sometimes something as simple as throwing a stone can become a goal.
Putting everything in to throwing that stone
He gradually got further and further away from the sea's edge trying to hit the water with a stone!

He put everything into that final throw.

Even himself .... almost!  And actually he wasn't trying to impress anyone, he was pushing himself and just wanted to do the best he could!

I will, I can, just watch me!

Sometimes life for adults becomes so complicated.  We get weighed down with life's woes.  So easily done.  Negativity starts to play a part in our daily life and for goodness sake why wouldn't it with what is thrown our way! 

We forget how to move on.  We forget how to have a vision and we lose focus!

Have a vision and give it all you've got.

Go on, you can do it, if you put everything into it - no I said EVERYTHING -
you still have one foot on the ground! :)
put everything into it
Do you still have one foot on the ground?  Stay focused.

I know what my vision is - do you?