5 Ways to Beat the Doldrums

Dictionary Meaning of 'The Doldrums'

  • Doldrums
A belt of calms, sudden storms and light unpredictable winds north of the Equator

Well I don't mean that at all!

May apply to sailors, but definitely not to me!  Maybe ask Malcolm?

Let's try something else.  

  • When you're in the doldrums
A state of stagnation

Yep!  That's more like it! 😙 That often happens!

So what do you do when you're in the doldrums, or a state of stagnation?  

Actually, if I'm honest, it's not really stagnation with me.  It's more that there's so much going on in my head that I can't think straight so I have to find some sanity in the chaos!

Let's do a list.

A list for me to remind myself that I can do something to stop all that:
  • Curl up on the bed with a book.  Something romantic should do it, after I've read Take Time For Yourself!
  • Go for a long walk on the beach, forest or park. Take my camera and take time to appreciate what's around me.
  • Watch something on TV to make you laugh.  For me that's find Graham Norton or Michael McIntyre on iPlayer and have a 'laugh out loud moment'
  • Put some uplifting music on. I love Michael Bolton 'Go the Distance' it makes me push on and focus. I also sing out loud to this (that's if I'm on my own) and it makes me feel great.
  • And if I have money to spend. Have a pedicure, full on with foot massage. Heaven.

What do you do to beat the doldrums?