Feeling Lonely - Do You Ever Have Days Like This

Being a busy bee, working from home and feeling lonely, wish you could just pick up the phone to your kids but know they're all busy working and not fair to interrupt them?

Or wouldn't it be nice to pop round for a cuppa with your parents (because they're lonely too) but they're too far away.

Today was one of those days

So without further ado and before I totally lose the plot and my mojo - I go out!

I called in to Waitrose and picked up my free takeaway cuppa and a newspaper. I purposely didn't take my camera as I am editing so much at the moment, I didn't really need more images to upload and edit!

No better place than Milford Nature Reserve to wander and ponder.

I got a bit of a surprise as usually this time of year from end October to beginning March, it's free to park. Oh no not this year! Fortunately I had £1 coin with me so thought an hour would do.

Am I getting old?

Sitting in the car, I drank my tea whilst reading the paper (isn't it old people that do this sort of thing?) ah well I'll allow myself to be old until I've finished my tea?

Did I say an hour would do?

Wrong! Consequently I had to 'repark' a bit further down the road where it was free - well free for an hour anyway. But I knew another hour would do it.

Now for that walk!

The sun was shining and a little nippy and the wind was blowing just enough to blow the cobwebs away and blow a bit of sense into me.
Who did I think I was kidding thinking I'd not want to take pictures.
Isn't there always an image to capture?

And there was the first one! 

A kite surfer having great fun. Out came the Nokia Lumia phone camera. Oops then the fun ended for him as he fell off.

Promise I didn't mean to capture that it just happened - now I really wish I had my SLR to capture the action a little closer, bet he was glad I didn't!

Then the cutest dog!

Crossing back over the bridge I watched a little dog who was incredibly well behaved. He waited on the bridge for his owner as good as gold. My phone just had to do again as I couldn't miss getting that shot. Isn't he cute?

Now who wouldn't want to sit here outside Raft with a hot chocolate or mug of tea. I, of course, had already had my cuppa and my hour was up too. Maybe another day though.

Long distance daughter, mum, nana and great nana

I should say I'm truly grateful for the life I lead, where I live, and for the loving family and husband I have. I know I'm incredibly lucky .... but I'm a long distance daughter, mum, and grandma which makes it very hard sometimes and ......

I'm only human

and I do occasionally have days like this...... do you?